Living at Paniolo Hale means living in a rural paradise that few get to experience. Life is more relaxed here, so slow down and enjoy!

Below are a some pointers to ensure a happy entry into island and condo living at Paniolo Hale. The House Rules will also provide more in-depth information.


REGISTRATION UPON ARRIVAL (Hard copy or by email)

As established by the By-Laws of Paniolo Hale, all owners and visitors must register at the office (Unit U-4) within 12 hours of arrival. It is essential for our staff to know who is on the property for everyone’s security AND for evacuation purposes in the event of fire.

For the privacy of our owners and guests, we no longer use the clipboard/sign-in list for registration.

The Registration Form can be placed in the drop box in the office (Unit U-4) OR emailed to our Resident Manager, at

No copier or scanner? No problem. Take a photo of the completed registration form  and email those through your smartphone. Please be sure that the form is clear and readable in your photos.

Click HERE for the Registration Packet.


If you are renting a unit at Paniolo Hale, you should have the name and telephone number of a person on the island that will help you with any questions or problems with your unit, including the provision of keys to your unit. For more information, go to the “Information for Renters” page.

The Resident Manager, Zaida Place, should be contacted only if you have an urgent problem, such as a sewer or water leak, that is causing damage to the property. His cell phone number is (808) 658-9670. Leave a message with your name, unit number, phone number, and the nature of your emergency. Zaida will return the call as soon as she is able.

BEACHES on the West End

Paniolo Hale is a garden oasis located next to many beautiful beaches and the vast Pacific Ocean. The ocean can be unpredictable and powerful even to well skilled swimmers and surfers.  The currents can be even more dangerous when the tide is going out. PLEASE use caution when entering the ocean. Check the tidal calendar HERE.

Kepuhi and Make (pronounced ma-kaye) Horse Beach are the two closest beaches within walking distance.  Kephui Beach will often have many local surfers if the waves are right.

In the distance, you will see a long stretch of white sand beach. This is Papohaku Beach. The sand from this beach was used to make Waikiki Beach in Honolulu over 40 years ago.  It is NOT a swimmers’ or surfers’ beach. The waves are large and the current is strong. Walking and searching for shells are common activities here. It is a moderate walk to this beach. If you want to drive, there is also a beach park here with restrooms and a shower.

Dixie Maru is a lovely cove at the end of the road on the west end. It is a 10 minute drive to this beach and it has parking and a shower.

All beaches can been found by clicking the Island Map button at the bottom of the “Aloha and Welcome” page of this website.


Bees at the Pool:  During dry days, bees are attracted to the water in the pool.  Please use caution and good judgement while enjoying the pool area.  If you or your guest have an allergy to bees, you may want to refrain from going to the pool when bees are present.

Hawaiian Monk Seals: Hawaiian Monk Seals are protected.   Please keep 50 feet of distance from a seal if you see one sleeping on the beach.  Be watchful! Sleeping seals can look like large rocks and they will roar and/or bite, if startled. Click here Hawaii Monk Seals  for more information about these wonderful creatures. To contact authorities concerning a Monk Seal in distress or dead, Call 808-220-7802

Feral Cats:  These cats will wander the property. PLEASE do not feed them. Click HERE to review the policy regarding Feral Cats.

Pets are not permitted at Paniolo Hale.  Service animals are permitted.  Please contact the Resident Manager at prior to your arrival regarding your service animal.  The Assistance Animal Policy can be found HERE.


A key is needed to access the pool. Owners can obtain their key from the Resident Manager. Visitors should get the pool key from their rental agent.

There is NO life guard at the Paniolo Hale swimming pool. Children must be accompanied by an adult residing in your unit. Pool hours and pool rules are posted at the pool.

Use of the pool is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  The Association of Paniolo Hale cannot guaranty that the common elements, facilities, and amenities are COVID-19 free areas.


There are 2 grilling areas at Paniolo Hale.  One at the pool and two grills across from the D and E Buildings.

Use of the grill is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  The Association of Paniolo Hale cannot guaranty that the common elements, facilities, and amenities are COVID-19 free areas.


If you are renting a unit and have technical issues with the cable TV or the Internet in your unit, please contact your On-Island Representative.  This information should have been provided by your rental agent.

If you are an owner and having technical issues with the internet or cable TV, CLICK HERE for the 2022 Spectrum Contract Information.

Spectrum basic cable and internet service is paid by the homeowners’ association as part of the owners’ monthly maintenance fees.  Owners are not billed directly. An owner IS billed directly from Spectrum if any additional cable channels or packages are ordered for your unit.  Click HERE for the Spectrum Channel Guide.


Residents on the west end of Moloka’i receive their mail at one of the 4 post offices on the island. There is no US Postal Service delivery to units, but if you address a letter or package to the company Post Office Box; PO Box 319, Maunaloa, HI 96770-0319, our employees bring mail from it to the office lanai Monday, Wednesday and Friday. FedEX and UPS deliver to the island and will deliver packages directly to your door ONLY if your unit number is part of the address. There is no UPS or FedEX office on the island, to return a package through these shippers, call their customer service line for a pick-up. UPS 888-742-5877,  FedEX 800-463-3339

Larger items must come by air freight or barge from Honolulu. Click HERE for complete mail, package and freight delivery information.


Power outages can and do occur on Moloka’i.   Power surge protectors are strongly recommended for televisions and related electronics such as cable boxes and routers, as well as computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc. Owners are encouraged to disconnect all electronics from wall outlets when their unit is not in use.

Maui Electric Company (MECO) is the power company for Moloka’i. Owners are billed directly from MECO for electricity.  Customer service: (808) 871-8461


Seaside rural living means that Paniolo Hale has a sewer system for its waste waste and solid waste.  This system is essential to a healthy community, AND it needs care!   PLEASE follow these basic rules to keep our sewer system running smoothly.

  1. Flush ONLY toilet paper down the toilets. No sanitary pads or tampons, disposable diapers or baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, dental floss, etc.
  2. Do not pour used grease or oils down the drain. Pour it in an unwanted container with a secure lid, and place in the trash.
  3. Use the garbage disposal minimally. Please put food garbage in the trash, especially pineapple rinds, seeds, or other tough foods. Staff empties the garbage cans in the trash areas every day. The remains from cleaning fish should be bagged and placed in the dumpster by the maintenance area. The butchering of game is not allowed in units or on property.
  4. Do not put Drano, chlorine bleach, and other toxic substances down the drains. These substances are damaging to our septic system and to ground water supplies. If you have a slow running drain that you cannot unplug, seek the help of a plumber or handyman.


There are three things we know about our water:

  1. Water is VERY expensive on Molokai.  Please conserve water whenever possible.
  2. Water is VERY soft on Molokai.  Please use less or low-sudsing, high efficiency (HE) detergents in the laundry, for dishes, and general cleaning.
  3. Water is VERY destructive if a pipe or fixture begins to leak. Every unit has a shut-off valve located outside the entry door.  Owners and their on-island hosts must turn off the water if their unit will be vacant. Visitors and long-term tenants are encouraged to know where the shut-off valve is in the event of a water leak in their unit. If a unit will be vacant for 3 days or more, the water must be shut off.


At the present time Paniolo Hale is working on a plan to bring recyclables to the Island refuse center, cardboard included. The bins in the garbage areas may be used by owners and guests to dispose of their cardboard, bottles and cans or they could take these items to the dump themselves and distribute them in the appropriate bins. By early 2024, we hope to provide a much more efficient collection area for the recycleables we all produce in our everyday lives.

Any bulky items such as furniture and any demolition waste from remodels are the responsibility of the owner to dispose of at the refuse center, and not in our dumpsters. There is no charge to do this at the Municipal Dump.

Need to get rid of an old computer or television?  Click HERE for information.


Paniolo Hale is a SMOKE-FREE campus. Smokers may smoke in their units, but not on the lanai as the smoke can enter a neighboring unit.  For more information, please refer to the House Rules.


Quiet hours begin at 10:00 PM and end at 8:00 AM daily, although excessive noise is never allowed at any time of day.  With open lanais, sounds from within a unit and the lanai can be easily heard by others outside the unit.  Please close lanai doors if you are watching television or listening to music during the quiet hours.  The use of headsets is also encouraged to minimize sound during quiet hours.


Paniolo Hale is known for its green campus.  Many tropical plants, however, are toxic to animals and humans. For your safety, and so that all may enjoy their appearance and fragrance, please do not pick the flowers or plants. Click HERE for the Hawaii Poison Control Center’s brochure of familiar, but toxic plants.

Paniolo Hale has a Landscape Policy. An owner wishing to request pruning of the landscape or replacement plantings, can complete a Landscape Request and submit it to Keri Kalilikane, Interim Resident Manager.  In some cases, Keri can attend to the request as part of scheduled maintenance. In other cases, the request will be sent to the Landscape Committee and then the Board for approval. PLEASE DO NOT INTERRUPT THE WORK OF THE STAFF WITH A LANDSCAPE REQUEST.  Submit a landscape request in writing to Keri in the office.


The list provided includes the names and phone numbers of repair persons that have expressed interest OR have done repairs for owners here. It is not an endorsement. Owners are advised to interview candidates, get references, and estimates as they would for any home repair.   Need Help In Your Unit


BEFORE you begin any alterations, please review the complete guide to see if approval is needed by the Architectural and Design Review Committee.  Click HERE for the guide and application. More information on lanai screens and approved lanai paint colors is in the Owners Area.


AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is located on the lanai of the office, Unit U-4. Click HERE for instructions on how to use the AED.

We strongly urge all owners to keep a first aid kit in their units.



Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean often means severe weather due to hurricanes, flooding, or tsnami.   The town of Maunaloa is the evacuation point for Paniolo Hale. A Civil Defense Siren will sound in the event of a tsunami.  This siren is tested at midday on the first State workday of each month.


The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency reinstated the “air raid” siren in December of 2017 as Hawaii is within reach of North Korean military missiles.  The system is tested at midday on the first State workday of each month. For more information, click HERE.


The west end of Moloka’i, where Paniolo Hale is located, has been in a severe drought for many years.  In the winter of 2021, the drought was so terrible that the Axis deer had no grass to eat and came down from the high meadows looking for food.  They decimated the grounds at Paniolo Hale and thousands of deer died of starvation.

At Paniolo Hale, we have an on-going wildfire prevention program as part of our FIREWISE USA Certification:

  1. Continuous trimming of our landscape
  2. Fire hydrants throughout the property capable of high pressure and water volume
  3. Smoke detectors in all units.
  4. Chemical fire extinguishers in all units that are inspected annually. Instructions on using the Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Click HERE for a how to be prepared in the event of an emergency.