Rentals and Sales:

Paniolo Hale does not have a rental or real estate agent on property.  Units are individually owned, and have their own agents for rentals or sale of the unit.  For the most accurate and current information on sales or rentals, please search Paniolo Hale on the internet and available units and/or agents will be found.

For Arriving Visitors:

Your rental agent or unit owner should provide you with the following:

  1. Telephone number for your On-Island Rental Assistant or Host. He or she is your contact person for any problems within or questions about your unit.
  2. Key information (location, lock box combination, etc.) Can’t get in? Call your on-island rental assistant.
  3. A copy of the House Rules
  4. A copy of Paniolo Hale Guest Information.
  5. Information regarding Registration: A completed registration form and copies of the negative COVID-19 tests for all persons (age 5 and over) in your party can be dropped off at the office OR sent via email directly to our manager, John Pele, at If you and any members of your party have entered Hawaii under the Aloha Safe Travels Vaccination Verification program, just mark the correct box on the registration form. Please complete the registration process within 12 hours of arrival at Paniolo Hale.  No copier or scanner? No problem. Take a photo of the completed registration form and the negative COVID tests, and email those through your smartphone.  Registration is required by Hawaii Law and the By-Laws of Paniolo Hale.

Paniolo Hale has a Non-Smoking Campus Policy (See House Rules)

Paniolo Hale does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, gender, age, veteran status, disability, or sexual orientation.